Making Physical Activity a Habit

Often times, maintaining daily physical activity can be difficult, but fortunately there are easy ways to try and make it a habit. Follow these tips to build physical activity into your daily routine!

  • Make it convenient. Try being physically active at a time and place that is enjoyable for you.
  • Do a variety of activities. Get out of your physical activity rut and try new activities to increase motivation and enjoyment.
  • Find a buddy. Increase your support and accountability by setting a physical activity goal with a friend.
  • Log your activity. By writing down your activities, exercise and physical activity is more likely to become routine. This is also a great way to track your progress.
  • Do something every day. Try making physical activity a part of your daily rhythm. Just like you may eat breakfast or lunch at a certain time each day, try setting a time or place to be active.
  • Get up early, or utilize free time throughout the day. Increase your energy by adding physical activity into your free time during the day. Try going for a walk at lunch or stretch while watching TV.
  • Start small. One of the biggest mistakes is to try and jump into a rigorous exercise routine or set unrealistic goals. Starting small sets a good foundation for creating a habit, and there's less chance of getting burnt out or overwhelmed.

Being active can take time and commitment, but with a little patience and a positive attitude, you can make a lasting habit!