Play - Physical Activity 101

Man Biking

Being physically active has numerous health benefits. Learn about goal setting, the importance of being active, and how to determine what form of physical activity is best for you.

Taking the First Step

Hiking Sometimes, getting started can seem like the hardest part of becoming physically active. Discover ways to take the first step into an active lifestyle, at any stage of life. Learn More » Taking the First Step Arrow-1

Health Benefits

Girl jumping Find out how you can benefit from adding PLAY into your daily life and discover how being physically active can help you become healthier. Learn More » Health Benefits Arrow-2

Keeping it Going

Keeping it going - walking dog When living an active lifestyle, there may be times when you are needing for tips to stay inspired and maintain your routine. Learn how to add variety and stay motivated! Learn More » Keeping it Going Arrow-3


  • Places to Play

    Are you looking for new and exciting places to play? Find your next adventure climbing, biking, hiking and more.

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