Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults

Enhance your health through aerobic and muscle-strengthening physical activity. Aim to meet the physical activity guidelines, or modify them based on healthcare provider recommendations. Physical activity guidelines for adults include:

  • Be as physically active as possible, incorporating 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity into your week.
  • In addition to aerobic activity, participate in muscle strengthening activities 2 days a week that involve all muscle groups including: legs, hips, chest, back, abdomen, shoulders and arms.
  • Even with a chronic condition or disability, being active is still important! Talk with your healthcare provider to understand how chronic conditions affect physical activity and learn about safe and beneficial activities.
  • Engage in exercises that maintain, improve, or help to prevent injury and falls. Examples of these exercises are sideways walking, backwards walking, walking on your toes, or standing from a sitting position. The intensity of these exercises can increase with practice and progression.
  • Focus on finding enjoyable physical activities without letting limitations hold you back!

Activity and exercise of all kinds can increase energy and strength, as well as improve overall quality of life!

For more information on physical activity guidelines check out the Guidelines for Active Older Adults at