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Let research-based nutrition information serve as your guide to a lifetime of healthy eating. Find information on vitamins and minerals, specific foods and the nutrients they contain, plus basic nutrition concepts that can help you adopt and maintain a healthier diet.

Nutrients A-Z

Nutrition Basics Nutrients work as building blocks for your body and help contribute to good health by promoting growth, providing energy and regulating body functions. Learn more about the nutrients in the foods you eat—from Vitamin A to Zinc. Find nutrition facts, food sources of specific nutrients, and other helpful information aimed at helping you build a healthy diet! Learn More... Nutrients A-Z Arrow-1

Foods A-Z

Foods A-Z The essential nutrients our bodies needs for a lifetime of good health are available in the foods we eat. Learn more about a variety of healthful foods and how each can help you to adopt and maintain healthy eating habits throughout life. Learn More » Foods A-Z Arrow-2

Nutrition Basics

Nutrition Basics What we know about human nutrition and diet seems to changes daily as new research results or diet books are published. Regardless, there are some basic nutrition concepts you can depend on throughout time--like the importance of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables daily! By knowing the basics, you'll not only find it easier to eat healthfully with confidence, but you'll also be better equipped to sort through and interpret nutrition studies and dietary advice as they emerge. Learn More » Basic Nutrition Arrow-3


  • Daily Recommendation for Potassium

    Most Americans do not meet the daily recommendations for potassium. Learn how to get more potassium in your diet.

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