The Plate Method and Diabetes

Do you live with diabetes and ever feel confused about how to determine how much or what you should eat? The Plate Method is a great tool to help you create your plate with a balanced meal, while still controlling your diabetes.

Use The Plate Method & follow these simple 6 steps at each meal:

  1. Use a 9-inch dinner plate. Put a line down the middle, and on one side cut it again, so you have three sections on your plate.
  2. Fill the largest section with non-starchy vegetables. Non-starchy vegetables include broccoli, spinach, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, lettuce salad, and beets.
  3. In one of the smaller sections put starchy foods including bread, potatoes, beans, rice, corn, and pasta.
  4. In the last section, put your protein foods such as grilled chicken breast, fish such as salmon, eggs, or low-fat cheese.
  5. As your meal plan allows, add 1/2 cup fruit or a serving of dairy.
  6. Enjoy a low-calorie drink with your meal, perhaps water, un-sweetened tea, or a spritzer.

When you fill each section, keep portion sizes in mind, and don't pile on too much!